Anthony Bowes

 "As an artist, I feel a moral responsibility to others to create and develop my skills to the best of my ability. It wasn’t until I delivered a painting to a friend and saw them break into tears that I realized the true value that art has in everyday life. Now I find an overwhelming sense of gratitude in creating and making the beauty of the natural world more accessible in our chaotic modern day lives."

     Anthony's grandmother was an art professor for a university and has had a profound influence in his art career. "Baba would take me to the Little Gallery at Smith Mountain Lake while I was growing up and I would admire the work of the Virginia artist, David Heath. David has since become a mentor and friend in my life and we get together to paint en plein air", says Anthony. Although he did not pursue a traditional education, Anthony sought out the best books on fine art that he could find, studying artists like Richard Schmid, Edgar Payne, John Carlson, Anders Zorn, and Charles Bargue. He also studied video demonstrations by Casey Baugh, Scott Christensen, and  Richard Schmid to name a few.

Some of his honorable mentions include Best Artist Under 30, in the October 2020 PleinAir Salon Art Competition presented by PleinAir Magazine and an apprenticeship with David Heath from 2017-2019.