Kim Gibbs

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Color and light are Kim Gibbs passion and inspiration. Creating a series of images from her imagination, she explores each subject with color, texture, and composition. The interpretive vehicle for her art is paint. Paint is the subject. She uses a variety of applications on each canvas including pushing, pulling, scraping, and throwing the paint to express her emotion to the viewer. Kim's direct approach is very aggressive and energetic. Her goal is to create a strong emotional response from the viewer. Art that Inspires!

As a child, Kim was inspired by her aunt’s three-dimensional art and the wonders of exploring her family’s art store.  While raising her own children, she studied watercolor which opened her eyes to seeing how color reacts to light. From watercolor Kim moved on to working in pastels and acrylics, finally finding oil, her current medium.

Primarily self-taught, Ms. Gibbs has studied with many world class teachers and participated in numerous workshops from Scottsdale to Maine. Her instructors have included Albert Handel, Timothy Horn and Millie Gosch, Camille Prezwodek, and Andy Braitman, among others. She is a graduate of the University of Georgia Journalism School.