Michael Milton

Roanoke, VA. based artist Michael Milton has been dubbed a "working man's artist". He has been working in the shipping industry for thirty years while raising a family, working full time and creating art in the spaces in between.
   In an attempt to focus on his original love, drawing, in 2016 Mike decided to shift his attention to charcoal. The focus on line, shadow and texture create a starkness in the subject that  works to convey strong feeling.
Michael's choice of subject is inspired by his blue ridge roots. The trains and buildings seem to be nods to the past and reflect the labors of his grandparents. The railroad, carpentry, and agriculture represent  the forgotten and cast aside in the modern world.  His landscapes  are a retreat from  the technological world. This is also reflected in his choice in rendering animals, the purity of the spirit not tainted with man.