Roman Glass Company

The Little Gallery always has various Roman Glass Company pieces.
"The jewelry crafted by Roman Glass Company is uniquely designed and handcrafted from Israel. The one of a kind jewelry is inlaid with a fragment of ancient glass, discovered in an archaeological excavation in the Holy Land. The "patina" (exquisite surface coloring) was created by chemical interaction with mineral-rich soil over 2000 years. We take pride in the fine workmanship involved in manufacturing this jewelry, and hope that you enjoy wearing it".
Featured Pieces in The Little Gallery

Here at The Little Gallery we are always changing the unique and creative pieces our artists provide to give you the best quality and variety in our store. Due to this, our inventory on particular artists will change occasionally in The Little Gallery itself. For a more accurate idea of what is in The Little Gallery currently, visit our location at 301 Market Street in Downtown Roanoke or give us a call at (540) 206-2936.