Bill Firestone

Bill Firestone resides in Virginia and has won numerous illustration and fine art awards from local and national exhibitions. His paintings hang in many public and private collections.  Among them are the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Fairfax Symphony Orchestra, Department of Agriculture, World Presidents Organization and American Diabetes Association. Recent solo exhibitions include: The National Institute of Health, Schlesinger Concert Hall & Arts Center and the Washington Design Center.
In His Own Words "One of my goals in painting is to be loose and expressive. The more I paint in my studio the less deliberate I become and preconceived ideas of what the painting should look like fly out the window. Andrew Wyeth considered himself an abstract painter. Look close and you see abstract shapes in his paintings. That is how I like my paintings to look only you do not have to look close to see the abstraction. The challenge of wet pavement, the reflections, shapes and shadows are things that intrigue me in painting scenes of city streets in the rain."