Bruce Bingham

Bruce Bingham has been a professional artist for over 30 years, She graduated in 1978 with an Bachelor of Fine Arts.  Bruce captures the spirit of color and form with soft tones.. The range of subject matter is evidence of Bruce's versatility. Sensual application of lush oil paint and strong composition enable the viewer to experience a new world. Her work is internationally collected in 14 countries both privately and corporately. 
In Her Own Words" "I love painting in oils with the lush bright colors and somber combinations that I can push around the canvas with my brushes or palette knife. The textures, layers and colors mesmerize me. The movement of my hands applying paint grounds me, and the smell of the oil paint drying calms me. Painting is my sanctuary where I play with the warm and cool colors, the range of hues and variations of texture- making sense of the world around me. Years later and now my studio is the cocoon nurturing my paintings before they take flight."