Carrie McNutt


Beginning at 10 years of age with an easel paints and a how to book, Carrie McNutt created a studio and began ta play artist. Growing up she took various classes painted outside and sketched in the car. The most important thing she learned is that "practice makes perfect".

Carrie specializing in oils. She uses her passion for nature and the beauty of God's creation to inspire her vibrant works. Her awareness of subtle beauty in the natural world has been heightened by living in a variety of areas. From the Flint Hills or Kansas to the coastal scenery of California. The horse country in Kentucky to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. Finally breathtaking views over Blue Ridge mountains and countryside of Virginia. Her work has been exhibited in solo and juried exhibitions, of which she has won several awards.

Carrie McNutt was born in Kansas and majored in interior design at Kansas State University. Now a resident of Roanoke, her work can be found in numerous locations, in the area. Also in several states across the nation and foreign countries.