Courtney Cronin

My love of painting began at a very early age when I painted rocks in the driveway. The colors I used to paint the rocks were of utmost importance and that continues in my art today. I like to abstract images, rearrange shapes and use bright colors to evoke cheerful, happy paintings. I enjoy layering, removing, scraping and smearing to achieve various textures and looks. Much of my work is in acrylics but lately oil and cold wax has become a new medium of expression. Using this technique, I can create richer textures by manipulating the thick mixture-pure fun for me.
I am a student of the Studio School in Roanoke where I take classes and attend workshops regularly; however, most of my training comes from just doing what I love to do.
Courtney is a long time resident of Roanoke, Virginia where she and her husband raised their family.  She has an Art/Education degree from University of Virginia and she is involved in continuous education activities like workshops and full time painting.  Prior to painting full time she was an artist at Black Dog Salvage and appeared on the first few season of Salvage Dawgs which currently airs on DIY Channel.  She has several awards including the Peoples Choice Award at The Roanoke Sidewalk Art Show 2018.