Delmus Phelps

Like most artists, I've always been better communicating visually (through my paintings) than with words.  But I'll try to give you a little insight into what drives me.
Things of beauty.  It's just that simple.

I create my paintings out of need.  It's not something I have much choice with.  Painting is my drug.  When I'm not painting, I'm grumpy, irritable, distant and moody.  When painting, I'm in my element.  All is right with the world. 
It makes me feel whole and human.
I feel my work has a great importance to it also. It forces us to stop and take a look at the beauty that surrounds us every where.  To allow light and color to touch that part of us that says we are alive, and that these fleeting moments shown in my work can be forever captured on the canvas. 
To be enjoyed over and over when we need to have a few moments of peace and joy.
My inspiration comes and flows naturally.  I see images all the time that I make note of to put to canvas. 
Many ideas I don't have time for at the present, but are cataloged in my mind and my art journal for future work.