Ed Gowen

Edward M. Gowen has been drawing and painting all of his life. He has had studied in workshops under such masters as Kevin MacPherson, Michael Shane Neal, and Ralph Oberg. 
In Ed’s paintings, he manages to establish the effect of space and has a technique that wields the power to suggest mood—some of his works shining with the brightness of life while others brood with the depth of shadow. His paintings have been seen from California to New York City in shows such as the Salmagundi Club, Salon International, Oil Painter’s of America, Hilton Head Art League, and the National Oil and Acrylic Painter’s Society. His works hang in both corporate and private collections and have been commended with many awards and publications. Ed has had several solo and group shows, including one in New York City’s Soho District in 1999.  
 "My intention is not only to record the moment, but to encourage you to appreciate the beautiful simplicity that is close by. My mission as a representational painter is to help you appreciate life—not just the paintings that reflect it. Regardless of our different backgrounds, I know that we share many of the same experiences. In my paintings, I try to capture those halcyon emotions and memories that everyone experiences and would like to experience more often."