Ed Hatch


Ed Hatch has been a full-time artist for more than 20 years. He grew up in rural Virginia where is great-grandparents opened a general store in 1915.  This charming setting is now his studio.  Across the street is the house where his father lived, and a stone's throw away is his childhood home where he lives.  An acute observer, Ed's home base is that ideal spot for exploration and discovery - whether it's the creeks nearby or the mountains further afield.  He gently, yet powerfully conveys his curiosity, finding the extraordinary in the 'ordinary.'  Above all, his appreciation for beauty in nature springs from each of his works.      

Artist's Statement:

“I see art as a visceral, almost spiritual means of communication.  Since I was a boy, I have known that art fulfills me and speaks to me in ways that I find difficult to express in words.  But, what I find in nature is quite simply, pure poetry.  I strive to express this in my work. I see such extraordinary beauty in everyday moments – moments that might go unnoticed. I want people to participate in my paintings – to be caught up in the scenes as much as I was when I stopped to paint them – to feel the depth, the fleeting lights and the mist, to wonder what is around the bend.  That’s it, I think, to share the wonder.  I find great joy in my work and I am fortunate to do what I do every day.”