Houston Llew



What are Spiritiles?
Spiritiles are artworks of glass fused to metal, designed and made by hand at Houston Llew's art studio in Atlanta, USA.  Forged from storytelling, each Spiritile blends an enameled image with a complementing quote wrapped around the image sides.

What makes Spiritiles unique?
Houston Llew is the only maker of enameled collectible art tiles. Due to their handmade nature, each Spiritile created is unique. After painting finely-ground glass onto copper, the piece is fired in a kiln until fused, rolled with a pin to create hairline cracks - called “crazing” - and wrapped around a wooden frame.

What makes Spiritiles wall art?
Spiritiles can stand up on a flat surface, or hang on a prized wall. At the back of the tile there is a circular hole in the frame so that the piece can be mounted onto a wall. Spiritiles are best shown in groups, but they love company. Each tile is sized the same to mix and match for a collection that tells your story.

What makes Spiritiles Collectible?
Houston releases new collections every season, and retires a series of Spiritiles at least twice a year. Some tiles are designed to be gifted, others collected. As the current collection evolves, retired Spiritiles regularly increase in value over time, based on their demand and rarity.

What makes Spiritiles meaningful?
Always drawn to stories that make you smile, think, and laugh, Houston designed Spiritiles to highlight stories in a way that gives you a window into their soul. The combination of image on the front and story on the sides creates a connection, between two artistic mediums of the visual and literary, and to the loved ones it calls to mind. This connection is powerful and lasting. Many Spiritiles become momentous gifts for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays, or mementos of meaningful adventures, while others represent emblems of loved ones’ spirits and memories.