James Moore

James Moore is an avid runner and emerging artist from Roanoke, VA.  James (Jimmy) started running when he was young and sporadically until 2011 when running became a more serious endeavor. Since then, Jimmy has ran 20 marathons from Boston to the Blue Ridge Marathon and many shorter races. He started running to get in shape and stay healthy and now he loves the competition and challenge.              

As with running, his interest in art and and the challenge of art started very young.  He was always drawing or painting something.  Jimmy took art classes at his local college, which encouraged him to develop his already intrinsic desire to paint and create.  He still has one of his first paintings from grade school when he was 9 years old.  He has continued to foster his love of painting through projects like painting murals in his daugthers room and various other paintings through out the years.  During the 2020 pandemic, painting has become a serious endeavor where Jimmy has had the time to focus on his skills and to think deeply into what inspires him the most.