Whitney Brock


Artist Statement
Every canvas starts off blank, it is my responsibility to take it from there and
build an image that promotes mental growth and life wonderments. No matter
what my subject, my central guiding conceptual is minimal, meaning, I want the
viewer to “unplug” from todays pressures and volatile issues. I want to offer a
mental vacation that immersed one into a non political nor angst filled place of
nature and simple considerations, no matter what chaos might be spinning
around in the space surrounding them.
The main body of my work consists of large scale paintings of river rocks
that may provide one with a moment of meditation or an appreciation for our
inner space ( the planet and its amazing systems). The large scale of these
paintings offer a sense of communing with nature ( reaching a hand into the
water and turning a stone over), and experiencing water movement and light
dancing. My process of development with these paintings involves many layers
of oil pigment mixed with mediums to create glazes of many variations of
transparency and colors. This technique successfully achieves the optimal depth
possible and provides many shifts of character in the skins of objects in nature.
While intrigued by this process, I have recently faced my fear of figure
painting and found it to not only be pleasantly challenging, but it has also
opened up new and exciting stories for me to tell. While keeping with my minimal
conceptual ideals, my figure paintings tell of simple truths and pure motives.
The air is light yet human, pertaining still to the inner space of humanity. With
this transition of subject, came an altered approach to my process, I use less
glazing and more impasto sculpting of the paint. While I may be temporarily
consumed by this new body of work, I still cant resist a walk in the creek now
and then.