Flight of Hand Blown Glasses 4 Revolving Stemless On Walnut Stand
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Flight of Hand Blown Glasses 4 Revolving Stemless On Walnut Stand

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Unique Hand Blown Glassware -?ÿFlight of four 5 oz handmade glasses for when you need just a tad bit on walnut wood stand.?ÿLike our other signature glasses the Tads also revolve, much like a top. This helps aerate your beverage, prevent spilling, and it makes drinking even more fun.?ÿThe four glass set sit in a black Walnut stand with cork inlays. The flight of 4 glasses allows for?ÿsharing?ÿand entertainment for you and your guests! The wood base is locally reclaimed from Illinois or Michigan making every piece unique and special.

The glass is a wonderful addition to any stocked bar or stylish living room. The glass blowing makes the glass thicker. Whether you are hosting a big party, a small get together, or just drinking your favorite liquor on the couch, our glasses add a sense of sophistication and entertainment. A unique gift for anyone that might have every other type of glass.?ÿ

These glasses are hand blown. They are also dishwasher safe. We suggest to hand wash them but havenƒ??t had any issues with running them on the top rack without heated dry. The glasses and decanters are hand-blown, and the wood working and milling happens in our studio in Logan Square, Chicago and made by our small hand selected artisans.

This makes a perfect and unique gift for your special someone for Valentines Day, housewarming of even an incredible wedding present for any bride & groom!