Revolving Wine/Spirit Decanter
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Revolving Wine/Spirit Decanter

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This revolving decanter is the pinnacle of design for the top of any classy and chic bar or dining table. The rotating and spill-proof nature of this decanter keeps the?ÿwine?ÿaerating while mesmerizing guests! Be sure to?ÿSwoon?ÿyour next dinner party or classy party!

Decanter hold an entire 750ml bottle or 375ml half bottle of wine at the nape of the neck.

You can?ÿpurchase?ÿ either size decanter alone or?ÿwith a barnweed stand.?ÿ

Hand wash only.

The glasses and decanters are hand-blown, and the trays are milled in their studio in Logan Square, Chicago and made by our small hand selected artisans.

This makes a perfect and unique gift for your special someone for Valentines Day, housewarming of even an incredible wedding present for any bride & groom!