Decanter with Revolving Glasses Set
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Decanter with Revolving Glasses Set

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Set of two Revolving Glasses and Revolving Decanter.?ÿ Choose between the 750ml decanter and 2-12oz glasses or a 375ml decanter and 2-5oz glasses.?ÿ These sets?ÿrevolve, much like a top. This helps aerate your beverage, prevent spilling, and it makes drinking even more fun.

The decanter is hand-wash only.?ÿThe glasses are dishwasher safe. We suggest hand-washing but havenƒ??t had any issues with running them on the top rack without heated dry.?ÿThis makes a perfect and unique gift for your special someone for Valentines Day, housewarming of even an incredible wedding present for any bride & groom!