Single Revolving Wine Glass
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Single Revolving Wine Glass

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One Swoon Revolving Wine Glass. Hand blown in Chicago, this glass is sure to make your wine-loving friends jealous. Pour yourself a little wine and sip and spin your evening away.?ÿ As you play, your?ÿwine?ÿaerates and becomes greater with every turn.?ÿ The concept is all about form and function without forgetting to have fun.?ÿAlso the glass is spill resistant.?ÿ If you bump it, the glass revolves and does not topple like your typical boring stemware. The wine glass is a wonderful addition to any stocked bar or stylish living room. The glass blowing makes the glass thicker and one-of-a-kind. Whether you are hosting a big party, a small get together, or just drinking your favorite wine on the couch, our glasses add a sense of sophistication and entertainment. A unique gift for any vino lover that might have every other type of glass.?ÿ

Try one out!?ÿ We also sell them by the pair and in a variety of sets and?ÿgift sets?ÿwith matching decanters. These hand blown glasses make a unique gift and are available for handmade wooden stands that can be laser etched for the bride and groom!?ÿ